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FAQ - packages from UK

I want to send a package from the United Kingdom. How does the service works?

  • You do the "online" shopping, paying the value of the product
  • Once you have completed your purchase, you declare the package in our system
  • According to the exact dimensions and weight of the package that you will inform us, we will calculate the total cost of collection and transport
  • You pay beforehand for the carriage of your packet and after that is complete we will arrange a pickup of it, from the exact place you will let us know.
  • After the pickup is complete we will transport you packet to Greece where we will ship it directly to your doorstep.

How much does transporting a packet from the United Kingdom costs?

For shipments coming from the United Kingdom, we have developed a slightly different cost calculation. Since we do not own a warehouse in UK we will do the pickup from the destination you will specify us! Every delivery coming from UK in the price we will notify you we will include both the pickup cost along with the shipment cost to Greece, up until the desired address!

Here you can see in detail how to calculate packet involving the United Kingdom



Can I make a massive order from the UK?

Because each packet coming from the UK is for collection only by us and because we do not own a warehouse, but our consignor picks them up directly from the address you will specify, for this reason, multiple collection of products from the United Kingdom, is not possible.

Are there restrictions on who can use the service of Transport-to-Greece?

There are no restrictions on who has the right to use our service of Transport-to-Greece for sending packets within the European Union.

I am insured during shipping of my package?

For each transportation we make for you there is an automatic insurance of your goods that's up to 500€! If your goods are of a higher value than this and require extending this insurance price, you can ask about it to one of our member staff and arrange to extend the insurance cost, with a small additional cost.

I want to transfer something very heavy or bulky than the United Kingdom. Can you arrange a transfer?

For shipments made by mainland Europe and shipped to our warehouse in Germany, no limit to size or weight of your products! Transfer everything - from small pack of 5 kg up to a truck load at 24000 kg. Travel
from the UK however, our service can only pick up maximum of volumetric or actual weight to 50kg. For bigger package beyond that, there is the ability to send.

Is it possible to ask to send me my package except Greece and in another country?

Our service is designed specifically for Greece. However, upon agreement we can arrange a transport to Cyprus and Israel!

Do you make delivery to the Greek islands?

Yes, we can ship to any Greek island, upon request. We are also able to send to remote areas in Greece.
However, transportations to the Greek islands and remote areas will be an extra surcharge of around 5€.

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