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FAQ - General Questions

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes, of course, all information and data will be kept strictly confidential. It is of our most importance that sensitive information will always be kept safe and only for our records.

How do you know which packet concerns me, when arriving to your warehouse in Germany?

That is one of our reasons that we require from you, that you register your packet to our system in our website. By registering your package to our site and using your credentials, we are in contact with our colleagues in Germany's warehouse and can be certain that each packet that arrives regards you.

Do you also deliver to a PO Box?

No. For the delivery, we require a full residential address and a contact telephone number.

Are there any goods that you do NOT Transport?

Yes, these are:
• Explosives
• weapons or weapons parts
• Flammable material
• radioactive substances
• corrosive substances
• Dry Ice
• compressed gases
• poisons
• counterfeit products
• cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products
• Antiques and art objects
• pornographic material
• Activated credit cards
• Money and valuables
• perishable food
• Animals and plants
• Gold , platinum, diamonds and other precious stones
• biohazard material
• Blood or drugs
• goods which are easily destroyed
• Goods that are not accepted by the ELTA
• Goods that are not accepted by IATA

I received my goods were damaged. What should I do?

If obvious damage the delivery reaches you, please make a note on the receipt that is enough for you to sign the courier. Following please open the box and check your goods carefully for damage. If you notice any damages, please contact us. Please note that you must contact us within 24 hours after delivery, contact. Also do not forget all the damaged goods, the packaging and the original invoice keep them, as you may be asked to send it to us.

This regulation does not apply to the following types of damage:
• their own, willful misconduct
• excessive wear from years of usage
• delays, regardless of the cause
• Electrical interference or non-functioning of the goods for no apparent external damage

How can I contact you?

We are dedicated to offer you the best possible support. You can find various contact options.

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